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Township of South Frontenac Planning Intake Form

Early consultation on planning applications help streamline the approval process, facilitate the exchange of information and provide feedback on development proposals before a formal application process begins.

Pre-consultation in South Frontenac begins by submitting a planning intake form to start the pre-consultation process. Completing this form provides staff the information required to be able to respond to your inquiry.

Helpful Resources

The following links may be helpful when filling out this form:

Frontenac Maps:  - publically accessible interactive on-line mapping tool prepared and maintained by the County of Frontenac. Please note that zoning information and conservation authority boundaries are available here. 

Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority: Telephone: 1-877-956-2722

Quinte Conservation: Telephone: 613-968-3434

Rideau Valley Conservation: Telephone: 613-692-3571

Surveys & deeds are available through the Land Registry Office:  South Frontenac is Land Registry Office 13 (Frontenac).

Sewage system ifnformation and applications can be found here: South Frontenac Building Services - Sewage Systems

Information pertaining to building permits in South Frontenac can be found here: South Frontenac Building Department Forms and Applications

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Please note:

  • Inquiry meetings with planning staff require a proposal and sketch to be submitted prior to scheduling the meeting.
  • Pre-application meetings require the submission of the planning application in draft form, including a completed sketch prior to scheduling the meeting.



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Project Proposal / Summary

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Sketch of Proposal

Please ensure the sketch of your proposal includes the buildings currently on the property, any proposed buildings including any septic systems, tile beds and wells.  Please ensure all dimensions of existing and proposed buildings are included as well as all setback measurements from all lot lines, waterbodies and roads.


Allowed extensions pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tif

Does your proposal add bedrooms, plumbing fixtures, or add 15% living space?

If you have a sewage system but do not have a copy of your Sewage Systems records, please fill out and submit with this form, a Sewage System Record Application: 



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PLEASE NOTE: it is your responsibility to satisfy yourself of all relevant facts by reference to applicable legislation in its entirety, property information, surveys and appropriate professional advice.


Information provided by the Township is provided as a courtesy only.  The Township will not verify the facts contained in your request for information and cannot confirm that all required information has been provided by you to allow the Township to adequately respond to your request.  Any reliance on the information provided by the Township is at the sole risk of the recipient and the Township assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of any information provided.  Information provided may not be relied upon as legal, planning or engineering advice and does not constitute any approval by the Township.  The Township expressly reserves the right to make decisions without regard to the information provided.

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